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Anand Mahindra Wants To Help A Kerala Man To Manufacture Fully Functional Toy Version Of Jeep Willys

| Published on July 2, 2020

How far can you go to present someone with the perfect birthday gift? Recently, a man from Kollam district of Kerala, Arunkumar, built a fully-functional miniature replica of the iconic Jeep Willys SUV and gifted it to a 10-year old kid named Amrutesh.

Even though the Jeep is iconic in itself and is known for being the true off-roader, Arun’s inspiration to design this toy jeep model came from the SUV used in Mohanlal’s recent movie called ‘Lucifer‘.

Arunkumar shared the video of his miniature Jeep Willys on Youtube. In the video, which is dedicated to Amrutesh, Arunkumar explains how he got the inspiration to build the car and what all went in it.

As per the details shared by Arunkumar, the miniature Jeep Willys weighs around 75 kilos and can pull twice its weight. He also said that it took him around 7-8 months to make the car.

Though many parts that went into building the car were borrowed, he built the chassis by GA square pipes welding.

Arunkumar has used an analog console taken from Royal Enfield motorcycle in this jeep project. For its leaf spring suspension mechanism, they have used mantle plates taken from real jeeps. It is connected to the rear axle with the help of a chain sprocket system and also has a 24V DC motor.

To give the toy car a more realistic look, he mounted a cloth hood on its roof that can also be folded like in the real one. A special toolkit has also been designed for the toy, which is placed under the driving seat. He has used two 24v DC batteries to charge the electric motor in the miniature car. Interestingly, this Jeep also has a forward, neutral, and reverse gear.

And when there is such an innovative post circulating the internet, our very own Anand Mahindra as always had to come forward and appreciate the hard work and creativeness of this young fellow. He even showed an interest in investing in this range of toy cars built by Arunkumar.

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