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Anand Mahindra Wants To Gift A Mahindra Tractor To Farmer Who Carved A Canal In 30 Years All By Himself

| Published on September 21, 2020

As recently reported by ANI, a man has once again defeated nature and has become a story of valor for many just like Manjhi before. A man from Bihar by the name, Laungi Bhuiyan, has carved out a three-kilometer-long canal all by himself to take rainwater coming down from nearby hills to fields of his village, Kothilawa in the Lahthua area of Gaya in Bihar.

As per the reports, it took him 3 decades to carve out the canal and has proven to be very useful to its village. Rohin Kumar, a journalist, was the first one to share Laungi’s story on Twitter. As soon as the news came to light, Twitter exploded with words of praise and appreciation for Bhuiyan’s dedication.


Anand Mahindra, who has always had a keen eye for hard-working people, also posted something in Bhuiyan’s honor. Mahindra offered to help Laungi in his tweet that giving him a tractor would be an honor for him. He also added, “As you know, I had tweeted that I think his canal is as impressive a monument as the Taj or the Pyramids. We at @MahindraRise would consider it an honour to have him use our tractor. How can our team reach him @rohinverma2410?”

Reading his tweet, Rohin commented on Mahindra’s post thanking him for reaching out and offered to become a mediator if his team could get in touch with him.

ANI had also covered Laungi Bhuiyan’s story which was similar to Dashrath Manjhi, a fellow Bihar resident, who took 22 years to carve a road in the hills after his wife died falling off the mountain.

While speaking with ANI, Laungi said that for the last 30 years he would go to the nearby jungle to tend his cattle and dig out the canal. No one joined him in this endeavor. While other villagers were going to cities to earn a livelihood, he decided to stay back.

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