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Anand Mahindra Shares A Nostalgic Video Featuring Iconic Household Products

| Published on January 9, 2023

Business Tycoon Anand Mahindra is known for his intelligent and unique tweets. Mahindra not only tweets about the ongoing issues in the world but also puts his views across on other people’s tweets by sometimes replying intelligently and sometimes hilariously.

This time the ace businessman has shared a beautiful video that takes us down memory lane. This nostalgic video features many objects from the yesteryears which are a rare sight in today’s time. Things like a telephone, audio cassette, typewriter, lantern, and a scooter are some of the things that are shown in the video with an old song playing in the background making it a beautiful walk down the roads of nostalgia.

Mahindra shared the video writing, “What a great journey down memory lane! Wonder if someone has collected these actual physical objects and displayed them in a museum? I think Gen Z would enjoy seeing them…A kind of dinosaur museum :)”.

We kind of agree with Mr. Anand Mahindra as these objects are rarely seen in our households today. Mahindra rightly points out that some of these things are not even seen by Gen Z and keeping them in a museum could be a good idea as Gen Z would enjoy watching them.

As these household items from a few decades ago get replaced by their newer and technologically advanced variants, the items seen in the video have become extinct in our households today.

Seeing them in the video shared by Mahindra is quite pleasing to our eyes.

Twitteartis also loved the video and reacted to it with hilarious and emotional tweets.

Did you enjoy watching the video? Is there anything that was a crucial part of our households back in time and is missing from the video? Tell us in the comments below.

Let’s walk the road to nostalgia together.

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