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Anand Mahindra Praises The ‘Jugaad’ In India And Tweets A TikTok Video

| Published on June 30, 2019

We all are aware of the craze of popular Indian media app, TikTok. Yes, the same app used by people of all ages to create and share short videos.

What if you were told that this media app which was on the verge of getting banned by the Indian Govt. can give you life hacks? Shocked?

Here is an interesting and extraordinary incident which will make anyone’s day:

The ‘out-of-the-box’ tweet

The Chairman of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra, shared a video on Twitter proving India is truly the leader in exploring budget-friendly innovations, termed as ‘jugaad’

What was the video about? The TikTok video, shared on Twitter, shows a plastic bottle filled with water hanging right outside the closed door. Every time an individual passes through the door, it closes on its own due to the weight of the bottle.

The 64-year-old business tycoon praised the out-of-the-box thinking applied to everyday problems that solved the problem in ₹2 instead pf ₹1,500 on a hydraulic system.

Anand Mahindra’s tweet goes this way: “My #whatsappwonderbox is filled with examples of modest, but out-of-the-box thinking applied to everyday problems. This person spent just ₹2 to rig this door closure versus ₹1,500 for a hydraulic one! How do we channel this creativity so that we move from Jugaad to Jhakaas!”

The Spree of Praises

Some of the Twitterati came ahead to praise this extraordinary tweet by teh chairman of Mahindra Group


However, it failed to impress a few others who ended up calling this ‘non-inspiring’


After all these, we should understand and learn to respect the creativity of all types of brain work. Never forget that we Indians are popular for this ‘jugaad’ creations and thus, every such innovation is a discovery.

Not all people have the luxury to own everything, so it then calls for some for ‘jugaad’ in the limited resources that you have! And, well let’s just appreciate we have honorable men who also embrace this creativity.

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