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Anand Mahindra Praises Hilarious Road Roller Ad. Twitteratti Joins Him

| Published on June 5, 2019

The Twitter-savy business tycoon of India, Anand Mahindra recently tweeted a hilarious picture on his social media account and it is sure to leave you laughing. 

The picture is of a huge road roller with an advertisement flyer on its iron wheel that talks about a body massage offer for only Rs.499. 

Mahindra saw the funny side of the advertisement placing and wrote, “Hilarious. After this massage, you’ll never need another one; it’ll be a permanent remedy for all ailments… (The guy who plastered that poster either had a delicious sense of humour or a seriously low IQ!)”

The tweet has garnered over 10,000 likes and 1600 retweets already. 

Time and again, Mahindra has managed to entertain his fans and followers with his hilarious videos, pictures and captions. 

He had earlier in May tweeted a picture of a hilarious hilarious error on the menu of a Chinese restaurant with the caption, “I’m certainly going to think twice about visiting this restaurant with my wife.  Don’t want her getting any creative ideas….!”

Also as recent as now he had pulled out another gem from his stock of funny things –  A picture of a Korean passport that was scribbled on by a four-year-old boy back in 2014. The boy somehow managed to get hold of his father’s passport and turned it into a drawing book.

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