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Anand Mahindra Is Impressed With This Man’s Jugaad For Running His Tesla On Gasoline

| Published on August 12, 2020

Anand Mahindra has always been known as one of the most social media active industrialists in the country. His twitter handle has been one of the most followed and much entertaining. From promoting local talent to winning the internet with his wit, Mahindra has done everything.

Recently, Anand Mahindra has shared yet another interesting incident that occurred. The video clip shared by Mahindra shows a man trying to start his Tesla by a jugaad never seen before. The man in the video is seen holding a can of gasoline.

When the person shooting the video asks the man why he needs gasoline when he has a Tesla which is an electric car, the man says that he needs it to charge his car. Confused the man video recording asks how then the Tesla owner shows him a Honda generator which runs on gas and in turn is used to power up his car. Pretty genius isn’t it?

Mahindra captioned the video in the most Indian way possible. He wrote, ” And we thought jugaad was purely an Indian talent! Hilarious. A Honda powered Tesla…”

After Mahindra shared this video, it went viral instantly. Since he posted it, the video has already received 635 k views. Apart from praising the man for his innovativeness, people had a lot of hilarious things to say.


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