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Anand Mahindra Gets Impressed By Rikshawla; Decides To Gift Him A Vehicle

| Published on November 29, 2019

Anand Mahindra has emerged not just as one of the most successful but also as one of the most loved industrialists in the country. His social media activity is followed and loved by all.

Mahindra‘s generosity and big gestures towards common people have been trending on social media a lot. His tweets never fail to garner people’s attention.

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Recently, Mahindra was in awe of the ‘Jugaad’ of a rickshaw-puller. Anand Mahindra was so impressed with the rickshaw puller that he announced to give him a new car.

When a person named Neeraj Pratap Singh shared a picture, tagging the industrialist, on Twitter. The picture was of a rickshaw wagon in which the rickshaw owner had put the logo of Mahindra cars on the rear of his rickshaw.

Neeraj was looking for a response from the industrialist but little did he know that what he took as a joke would turn out to be a blessing for the rickshaw-puller.

Anand Mahindra tweeted,

Neeraj may have found you funny and yes it is, especially when the logo has been put down. But I am thrilled by this, and we will give him a new upgraded vehicle to drive, so that he can ‘Rise’ in life.

Even though Mahindra did not mention which vehicle he would be gifting the rickshaw-puller, there are some speculations being made from his tweet.

He wrote ‘Rises’ a little differently in his sentence and he has a company by the name of Mahindra Rise which is known to manufacture electric vehicles it is expected that Mahindra will gift an electric vehicle to the rickshaw-puller eventually.

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