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Anand Mahindra Gets Emotional Seeing Google’s Super Bowl Ad

| Published on February 5, 2020

The beginning of a year is earmarked with many grand events throughout the world, one of them being Super Bowl. From celebrity performances, brand launches, and superb campaigns, Super Bowl is THE grand event of all events.

Each brand is known to launch its own new marketing campaigns at Super Bowl, mostly to tap into the high amount of viewership.

Who broke the internet now?

Google, as always, came up with an emotional advertisement that made many people cry. Mr. Anand Mahindra, India’s very own Twitter man who always appreciates good work and shares his feelings, posted about the Google advertisement as well.

Google, did what?

Google launched the advertisement called ‘Loretta’ which was made for Google assistant. It shows an old man remembering his wife and thinking about her via the help of Google Assistant. The idea was to use the help of Google’s assistant to bring back the photos of precious memories of the couple. Vintage, thoughtful and humane, twitter was filled with praises for the tech giant.


Google is known to launch various successful campaigns and also come back with a bang after failed trials. Be it the downfall of Google Glass or the Pixel, Google makes up for them by outstanding ads.

Google analytics goes on email and the company also goes old school via taking over train stations, so it wasn’t surprising when Loretta was launched recently. Indeed, Google has not only inspired marketers but other big brands as well.

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