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Anand Mahindra Expresses Sadness On Rape Case, Woman Says Mahindra Mechanics Stare At Her

| Published on December 2, 2019

It is the time of utter darkness and shame in India. Another brutal rape case has been highlighted. A doctor in Hyderabad was cruelly raped by a gang and later on burnt and killed on the spot, a story that can leave anyone in tears.

Entire India is begging the law to hang those rapists for justice of the victim. Where all the people are expressing their concern and anger in different ways, the chairman of Mahindra has also tweeted about this matter.

The chairman of Mahindra, Anand Mahindra tweeted, “Take my shock, sadness & anger as a given. I want to understand how we can, throughout this country, prevent this epidemic of sexual depravity & violence. How can each one of us make women & children feel safe from predators? I want ideas which help us all be more accountable…”

The terror of constant rape cases in India has led every Indian scared to send their daughters to step outside the house. The question is, “When will justice occur?”, “When will these rapists’ start to fear and think before they do such things?”

After this, a woman complained that Mahindra mechanics stare at her when she visits the workplace. The tweet has been deleted by her as per the latest details. On this Mahindra replied:

A lot of people tweeted back on the Chairman’s tweet supporting the statement.







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