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Anand Mahindra Asked Wife If He Could Fool Her By Acting Deaf & Dumb. She Gave An Epic Reply

| Published on April 30, 2019

Anand Mahindra, the chairman of the Mahindra group, is very popular on Twitter as he keeps posting updates about his views on the ongoing topics and also shares the content he likes on a regular basis.


Recently he shared a news column from a foreign newspaper in which a husband faked being dumb and deaf for 62 years so that he could avoid listening to his wife.

Mahindra not only shared this article but also talked about his wife’s smartness and told how her smartness is detrimental to him.

He shared that he laughed for five minutes after reading the article and asked his wife whether he could have fooled her like this. Interestingly, his wife came up with a funny reply and made him realise that he is married to a pretty smart woman.

Here’s the tweet we are talking about:

The text in this tweet reads “Laughed non-stop for 5 mins on reading this. Asked my wife if I could have fooled her like this. She didn’t waste even a few seconds in replying: She said “Really? Would you have lasted 5 mins without speaking into your cellphone?” Aah, the perils of having a smart wife!”

The tweet has already gone viral with close to 5k shares and over 20k likes.

Here are some of the best replies from Twitter users:






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We all love the stuff Mr. Mahindra shares on his account, this is great way to connect with your audience and entertain them in the right way.

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