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Amul’s Tribute To Women Working For And From Home Goes Viral

| Published on April 14, 2020

The coronavirus outbreak has left everyone working from the vicinity of their homes. This comes as pressure for many women in India who have to cater to their business, and actively take care of their work at home as well. Amul, the popular dairy brand, has paid an ‘utterly butterly’ tribute to all women who are now working twice as hard, for and from home.

The post comes in two creatives depicting a mother working from home and simultaneously cooking for the house as well. Even though it might look as if the brand has restricted its female audience to the traditional roles of the society, many women still enjoy cooking and are even assisted by the men of the house in today’s generation. It has come to a point where every member of the family contributes equally to their own respective jobs, and also for their jobs at home including cooking and cleaning.

All in all, we need to thank our women for taking care of the family and uniting them together. “Mom is where the heart is,” is the tagline of the graphic that Amul shared, signed off with, “Favourite all-rounder”. The post has attracted a lot of viewership with people agreeing how the mom of the family gets everyone in action, ensuring that all the work is done.

So far, the coronavirus lockdown has been extended till the 30th of April in India. Most of the individuals have been asked to work from home, except the ones in essential services. The number of positive cases in the country has gone up the 9000 mark. Fortunately, the recovery rate stands above 1000 cases as of now.

The country is hopeful of this massacre ending soon as we wait and carry on with our duties at home.

Source: India Today

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