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Amul’s Marketing Team Gives A Perfect Tribute To Abhinandan In Its New Advertisement

| Published on March 2, 2019

Some Indian brands like Amul know the strategies to remain relevant in their advertising campaigns. Their ads are not only relatable but very entertaining also and the latest Amul Mooch ad does not fail to disappoint.

Amul has celebrated the return of Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman who was captured after his Mig-21 Bison crashed in Pakistan while thwarting Pakistani intrusion into Indian airspace. The ad is a part of Amul’s popular campaign for Amul Milk, ‘Mooch nahin toh kuch nahin’ which has ads with celebration of the mustache

The ad comes at a perfect time as yesterday the whole country was waiting for the return of Abhinandan. With a tagline, “#Amul Mooch: To Abhinandan from Amul!”, the video ad rightly conveyed the emotions of the entire nation and the love people have for the brave man.

Amul is known for its ads on the trending topics. The marketing has something for everyone and this has made Amul achieve popularity in India as people connect with the ads. Also, creativity makes India’s most popular media sites to cover their ads from time to time. Other brands like Zomato have also started implementing such strategies and is achieving good success.

Recently Amul’s ad on Commander Abhinandan return was loved by people all across the country. You can have a look at that too.

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