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Amul Tried To Troll Shashi Tharoor, His Response Won Everyone’s Hearts

| Published on December 17, 2017

Amul is very popular for using latest topics in their ads. They have been following this strategy for years but this time they got a great response from Shashi Tharoor, who is famous for using difficult English words in his tweets. Tharoor tried to convey the reason for using the words he is known for. And, while doing this he gave Twitter another new word ‘rodomontade’. This is what he tweeted:

As expected, Twitter was quick to react over this with all type of replies.

Everything was going normally before Amul came up with a funny ad with the idea of taking a shot at Shashi Tharoor’s tweet. Below is the ad which Amul made:

But except Amul’s Tweet, one thing that caught the attention of people was Mr. Tharoor’s reply on it.

The netizens got impressed by this response.

Stumped by your choice of words, Sir!

Refreshing to see a politician with a sense of humour !

Itni hard english mat use kiya karo sahab.

Well, if you are still wondering what ‘rodomontade’ means, we have googled it for you: the noun rodomontade is defined as “Boastful or inflated talk or behavior,” and the verb rodomontade means “Talk boastfully”.

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