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Amul Is Launching Innovative Programmes To Make The Dairy Sector ‘Contemporarily Cool’

| Published on December 4, 2017

India’s most favorite dairy brand Amul is launching new innovative programmes such as “cow to consumer” to connect their products better with the youth. Amul has always been popular in the Indian audience for its interactive advertisement campaigns.

Under the ‘Cow to Consumer’ programme, Amul is creating digital accounts for farmers. To deposit milk the farmer has to go to the collection center, where quality and quantity of milk are evaluated and updated on the card that is connected to the farmer’s account. Based on the quality and quantity, money is transferred to the account of the farmer immediately all this can be accessed through a mobile app.

Amul’s managing director Rupinder Singh Sodhi revealed this information in an interview. He also backed up the dairy industry by showing the increase in per capita milk consumption of India from 111 gm in 1970 to 350 gm in 2017 with an annual increase of 2 percent. “By 2050, 50 percent of India would be urbanized, which means that we would have more mouths to feed and less hands to produce. In case of shortage of milk, we would become dependent on milk from edible oil and pulses,” said Sodhi.

Amul is using the latest technology in their dairy farms by installing bulk milk coolers, modern sheds, and modern watering systems and the idea behind propagating the commercial dairy farms is to attract India’s youth.

Another programme that is focusing to attract youth is the dairy entrepreneurship scheme under which youngsters can open a farm size of 20-30 cows and buffaloes and Amul is taking the responsibility for financing it by the banks with Amul marketing for it.

“We need to be able to increase milk productivity on reduced number of farms with the shrinking of land, then only we will be able to meet India’s increasing demands and the country’s youth has a very important role to play in taking the dairy industry of the country forward,” the managing director added.

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