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Amul For India! It’s The First Indian Dairy Brand To Be In Robobank’s Top 20 List

| Published on August 31, 2020

Robobank just released its Top 20 Brand List and Amul just got featured in it! It is the first Indian dairy brand ever to be ever featured on it and ranks at the 16th place in the list. India already loves the brand, and now loves this Gujarat based company’s feature on it as well. This good news was shared by the company on its Twitter page.

There has been no other brand featured on this list before this milk brand. The list usually determines brands that have a turnover of US $5.5 Billion, which was achieved by Amul in 2019. Currently, it is ranked at the 16th place, but had it received a turnover of US $ 7 billion, it could have been featured in the top 11. This was declared by R S Sodhi, the managing director at GCMMF.

How Does Amul Stand Out?

Most dairy brands featured on the list are luxurious companies, which are private in nature. Amul is the only cooperative brand established in Gujarat which has around 36 lakh farmers. In addition to being one of the most sought after dairy brands in the world, this listing by Robobank has added another feather in the company’s cap. Amul has also expanded since the past decade, up to a 17% increase which has resulted in a heavy turnover Rs. 8005 crores.

Amul - The Taste of India

Daily milk is a huge necessity in the world, and Amul recorded a procurement of 215,967 lakhs in 2019-2020, especially during the pandemic this year. The high milk procurement price has also increased from Rs. 337 kgs in 2009-2010 to Rs. 765 kgs in the last two years. The slope is only going upwards in Amul’s case, and we cannot wait to see one of the more popular brands in India flourish in the country and subsequently in the world.

What is your favourite Amul product?

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