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Amul Celebrates India’s Win Against Pak In Ahmed’s Yawning Style

| Published on June 19, 2019

As India celebrated its terrific win against Pakistan in ICC World Cup 2019 on 16th June, Amul took to social media to celebrate it in its own creative way. 

While the unforgettable India-Pakistan gave us much to remember and celebrate, what created a storm on the internet was the epic yawning moment of Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed during the match. 

While the meme makers instantly got on duty to share the moment, Amul chose to also celebrate our Indian boy Rohit Sharma who hit yet another century making it the second one in the tournament alongside the latter.

The cartoon sketch features Rohit Sharma along with Sarfaraz in the back with his mouth wide open leaving people to interpret if its in awe of Sharma’s performance or is his yawn-worthy moment. 

Amul applauded Sharma for his 140 runs and wrote, “What a Matchester, Sabka dil jeeta!”

This is how Twitter reacted to Amul’s post:

And Amul clearly never fails to amuse us! 

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