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The Amount That PSG Has Recovered In A Single Day After Neymar’s Transfer Will Blow Your Mind!

| Published on August 7, 2017

First of all, any Barcelona fan? Please shed some tears. It hurts definitely! Transfer of players in different clubs is very common in football. With that comes a huge amount of money transfers too as the jersey color keeps changing. Then what’s the hype about Neymar?

The 25 years old Barcelona player was signed by Paris-Saint Gobain with an amount of 222 million euros. Whoaah! That’s huge! Neymar has become the second-highest player in the world behind Carlos Tevez and his 38 million euros a year at Shanghai Shenhua but ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo’s 23.6 million euros annual salary at Real Madrid.

But the most interesting part comes now! They have got back almost 100 million euros even before their star player kicked a ball by selling about 10,000 shirts bearing Neymar’s name. This marketing strategy gets better as it was sold in just a single day! No doubt it was Neymar’s popularity that worked wonders but kudos to the management that has made this profit successful. Like, give them the best marketing strategist award!

Such is the demand for the shirt at one of two PSG stores, on the iconic Champs Elysees Boulevard and the team’s outlet at their Parc des Prince’s home, that shoppers on Saturday were limited to a single jersey each.

The revenue is actually shared by shirt manufacturer Nike. If it’s sold at an average like 100 euros each day, with this pace PSG can easily get back the transfer fee by the middle of March just within the first season of Neymar’s five-year deal. But it’s a huge amount of revenue will have to be given to Nike too.

There will also be other endorsements that Neymar would fetch that would obviously help PSG making profits. Neymar would now attract several brands to sponsor the French Club that would increase the marketing nine times nine.

But the costs are nothing compared to what the club aims for. They think Neymar will double their value. Hope the Brazilian star helps them to regain their league title lost to Monaco last season and also achieve the Champions League Trophy!

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