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Amidst The Second Wave, Zomato Introduces Emergency Services

| Published on April 22, 2021

The second wave of the nasty coronavirus pandemic has just hit India, with cities like Maharashtra, Delhi, and West Bengal being highly affected. The country has seen more than 2 lakh new cases and a number of edaths in the past few weeks. While social media is surely helping people connect with one another and help out during emergencies, the food delivery giant, Zomato, just introduced a new feature to help all those in need.

Looks like our hunger saviors will not be our real-life heroes helping those staying alone or with family. A priority delivery feature has been inserted, especially for COVID emergencies. It will help those infected with COVID get food and necessary supplies as and when needed, without coming in contact with the delivery partner. Moreover, if you stay in a locality that has unfriendly neighbors, Zomato will surely come to your rescue.

The Founder, Deepinder Goyal, elaborated further on how these orders will be delivered quickly as thousands of restaurants have now prioritized helping customers with their needs, especially during these trying times.

He concludes by thanking all restaurants joining hands with Zomato to roll out this program and help customers across most cities in India.

While users are thrilled with this new initiative, some are even scared of the misuse done by certain individuals who would utilize this feature just to get a quicker delivery than others; despite being in a difficult situation or not.


Some users even suggested that riders could check the reports of COVID patients to guarantee authenticity since most reports come in PDF formats.

What do you think of Zomato’s new feature? How would you be utilizing it and spreading awareness about the utility of the same?

Share your views with us in the comments.

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