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Is It Amazon’s Marketing Strategy For The 16th July Prime Sale That’s Turning Cities Artistic?

| Published on July 10, 2018

Well, 16th July has got no national relevance as a date, then what’s taking the cities by an artistic storm.
Various colourful installations have been seen in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi, but apart from the date, no brand name or tagline is mentioned in the campaign.


Given the creative colour scheme and designs, seems like its all about creating buzz for the Amazon 16th July prime sale.
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All the creative and installation are using #16thJuly and somehow showing deliveries being taken care off. A man on a scooter with delivery boxes on the back, an auto with delivery boxes, what all is this indicating? Well after scratching through our brains, we are only able to relate it to Amazon. Now the truth behind these installations is yet to be seen, so let’s wait till 16th July and see what’s in store but at the same time, must compliment the creative strategy of the brand.
Tell us what are your thoughts about the same.

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