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Amazon Used A Great Marketing Trick To Make Users Experience The Speed Of OnePlus 6

| Published on July 17, 2018

OnePlus 6 has always been projected as a synonym to speed and recently at the launch event in Bangalore; Amazon came up with a great marketing idea, to make users experience the power of speed. The audiences were asked to focus on “speed” to unbox the fastest OnePlus phone ever – the OnePlus 6. The neural sensors of the device were used to dynamically monitor the participants’ brain activity. All that the participants were required to do was to keep their mental focus on the speed for 6 seconds to unbox OnePlus 6 and win one for.

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To showcase their latest technology they very effectively made use of the best technology, the ‘human brain’ and made it a very unique marketing event, which has never been done before. This contest between the human brain and technology clicked instantly with the people and they gathered in huge numbers visiting the mall where the activity was conducted. They really wanted to experience this unique kind of contest.

Does the idea excite you, would you take the challenge, given a chance?

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