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Amazon Tells Us The Best Way To Celebrate Father’s Day With This Creative Campaign

| Published on June 12, 2019

Festivals and special occasions are a great opportunity for brands to show their innovative side. Time and again we get to see popular brands sending a social message through their campaigns. This helps brands to make the viewers relate with them and make the connection stronger.

Fathers’ Day has become an important occasion for brands to connect with their audience and E-commerce giant Amazon is winning hearts with its Father’s Day campaign by giving us the right ways of spending this special day.

As a part of #DeliverTheLove campaign, Amazon India has launched a video that beautifully shows what fathers go through while raising up their children.

The brand film showcases how efforts of fathers go unnoticed. The video shows the beauty of a father-child relationship which makes us nostalgic.

Talking about the usual ways that today’s generation is following such as sending gifts and greeting cards, Amazon India is encouraging viewers not to celebrate this Father’s Day doing only these but also to spend some time with their fathers as they need our love and support more than anything else.

Also, the video pays tribute to all fathers with a creative thought ‘Button daba ke bada nahi kiya’ which spreads the message that fathers go through a lot which is certainly not as easy as clicking buttons and ordering a product. So why their children celebrate this day just by making some clicks! Getting excited to watch the full video? You can enjoy it below:

We love the fact that this video strikes an emotional chord with the viewers instantly and ends up summarising the whole idea with the text: This Father’s Day, #DeliverTheLove.

So this Father’s Day, as this video says, make that extra effort to let your father know what he means to you by spending some quality time with him. This will be a perfect tribute for the pains he suffered for you only to ensure that you grow up right.

Because, button daba ke bada nahi kiya hai unhone. Iss liye, button daba ke mat niklo and do something more to make them feel special.

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