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Amazon Is Selling Rs 9 Lakh Camera Gear For Rs 6500 By Mistake. Buyers Are Thanking Bezos

| Published on July 20, 2019

Amazon’s Prime Day sale gained a lot of attention. Interestingly the best deal during the sale on 15th, 16th July was a glitch where Amazon sold Rs 9 lakh worth camera gear for just Rs 6500. The gears were from brands including Sony, Fujifilm and Canon. What’s more interesting is that after buying it, Lucky buyers are thanking Jeff Bezos for the glitch.

The Canon EF 800 lens that is normally available to buy at Rs 9 lakh (USD 13,000) was available for Rs 6,500 (USD 95). Also, there was enough time for a large number of audience to purchase the items.

After buying the products, some customers went on to Reddit to share the glitch and help others take the advantage.

One of the users wrote “I somehow got a $3,000 camera for $94 on Prime Day last night. It just seems a little too good to be true. Do you guys think it will ship or get canceled because it was a glitch?”

Another user wrote, “I too got some deals from the prime day ‘glitch’. $16,000+ in gear for about $800.”

One Reddit user could only write, “Right place right time,” and we totally feel him.

Another read, “Amazon Accidentally Sold $13,000+ Camera Gear for $100 on Prime Day.”

Someone also wrote, “Bought the most expensive camera bundle during the prime day glitch for 94.48. Thank you, Bezos!”

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