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Amazon Hit With Major Data Breach. Should You be Worried?

| Published on November 24, 2018

Amazon US and UK was hit with a data breach earlier this week, something that causing worry in the minds of online customers all across the world. Amazon has confirmed that user details, like names and email addresses, were leaked on the website.

These data leak incidents have become problems for big online companies and are creating panic among users in India as well, where online users are increasing like never before.

While Amazon has refused to share the actual details of the number of users that have been affected by the leak, according to media sources, this is the latest data leak incident to hit the industry, after Google and Facebook reported theirs a few months back. In an ET Tech report, Amazon has been quoted saying, “We have fixed the issue and informed customers who may have been impacted.”

The report further has shared thoughts of cyber experts, who believe the data exposed is a threat for the users, making them prone to malware and phishing attacks.

Note that Amazon had over 150 million users on the Prime platform in India, as of September 2018. More users are getting introduced by the facilities and are ready to enjoy products like Amazon Prime Video and shopping app in Hindi.

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Also, Amazon sells smart products like Echo, e-reading devices like Kindle, all of which work with a unified Amazon ID. User details of such accounts going to the wrong hands can have disastrous consequences.

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