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Amazon Extends #DeliverTheLove Campaign Making Us Emotional With Its Rakshabandhan Ad

| Published on August 12, 2019

Rakshabandhan is the perfect time to celebrate memorable moments with your siblings. Considering the strong emotional bonding between siblings, brands try to make the best of this festival by launching emotional campaigns. Like every year, this year too, Amazon India has rolled out its #DeliverTheLove campaign for Rakshabandhan making the audience emotional.

Amazon has launched a 1:30 minute video that truly showcases the uniqueness of a brother-sister relationship. It is believed that distance is something that makes most relationships weak but when it comes to the strong bonding of siblings, it ends up strengthening their bond even further and Amazon has conveyed the same message with this video.

The ad shows the unique story of Sonu and his sister. It starts with Sonu finding his old rakhis and without letting his sister know, decides to tie the rakhis to himself, leaving the viewers to wonder why he is doing that.

Every time he fails in tying the rakhi making the audience more curious about the reason behind it. He finally reveals that he is doing all this because he is going away to the hostel from his sister and he is worried that there will be no one to tie the rakhi for him.

In a way, the story shows the universal struggle that every brother who stays away from his sister faces on Rakshabandhan. It is the day when every brother tries to put in all his efforts to keep this bond alive and let their sisters know that distances can never make this bond weak.

You can watch the complete video below:

The brand film is an extension of Amazon’s #DeliverTheLove campaign through which Amazon attempts to convey that – while they cover thousands of miles of distance every day to deliver anything their customers want, one distance that they can’t cover is the distance between hearts. That, only their customers can do.

Through the campaign, Amazon is urging its customers to not just send a gift to their loved ones, but to #DeliverTheLove themselves.

What’s your take on this campaign? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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