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A Sneak Peek Into Allu Arjun’s Brand Endorsement Journey As He Turns 42

Born on April 8, 1982, the actor, renowned for his lively dance moves and who gained fame with hits like 'Pushpa: The Rise', celebrates his 42nd birthday today. On this occasion, Marketing Mind has compiled a list of some of the different brands he has endorsed in the past, including Parle Agro, KFC, Zomato, Coca Cola India, redBus, Rapido, Joyalukkas, 7Up and Colgate MaxFresh.

| Published on April 8, 2024

A Sneak Peek Into Allu Arjun's Brand Endorsement Journey As He Turns 42

Actor Allu Arjun, renowned for his versatility in portraying roles ranging from an action hero, to a boy next door to a lover or a gangster, continues to captivate audiences on the silver screen. Alongside his acting career, Arjun has emerged as a sought-after face for numerous brands, showcasing his widespread appeal and influence in the advertising realm as well. As he celebrates his 42nd birthday today, let’s take a glimpse into his journey through endorsements.

Arjun, born on April 8, 1982, belongs to a Telugu family. He was born to film producer Allu Aravind and Nirmala in Madras (now Chennai). His paternal grandfather was the renowned film comedian Allu Ramalingaiah, who appeared in over 1,000 films.

Fondly known as “Stylish Star” and “Bunny,” Arjun entered the Telugu cinema scene in 2003 with the film ‘Gangotri’. His versatility became evident as he gained nationwide recognition with the movie Pushpa: The Rise, in 2021.

Arjun has also become a popular choice for major brands, and he has secured several endorsement agreements. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Parle Agro

Arjun was appointed as the brand ambassador for Frooti by Parle Agro in 2018. In one of the advertisements, as a part of the brand’s campaign called ‘Live The Frooti Life’, Arjun appeared alongside actress Alia Bhatt.

He graciously shared his Frooti with her, embodying the essence of the campaign and encouraging the delight of savouring Frooti during the summer season.


In 2022, Arjun featured in a commercial for Zomato. The advertisement took place on a film set where Arjun was shooting a scene where he enters as a hero in slow motion, alongside his co-star Neha Shetty.

When Shetty encourages him to hurry up, Arjun explains that this is the typical way a hero’s entrance is filmed. Shetty expresses her hunger and desire for pizza, and Arjun calmly suggests that she use Zomato to order her favourite food for quick delivery.

Coca Cola India

Coca Cola India and Coke Studio released song in August 2022 – a collaboration spanning continents. The music video featured Telugu actor Allu Arjun, Hindi singer Armaan Malik, and South Korean girl band TRI.BE.


The “Pushpa” actor appeared in a redBus advertisement featuring a group of people travelling from Nashik to Pune. Upon boarding the bus, a man mistakenly assumes the passengers’ festive clothing for a wedding celebration and asks if it’s a wedding bus.

One of them clarifies that they’re heading for a dhol competition instead. However, the man dismisses their enthusiasm and suggests that they put their instruments with the luggage. Arjun, one of the passengers, speaks up and asserts that their dhol is not just baggage, it’s their pride. He emphasises that they intentionally chose to book seats via redBus so that their pride could stay with them, rather than being stowed away in the luggage compartment.


Arjun was featured in a 2022 KFC advertisement that highlighted the Peri Peri Chicken. The advertisement showcased the famous catchphrase by Arjun, “I don’t like tears, neither emotional nor spicy.”

In the commercial, Arjun was depicted relishing the flavorful Peri Peri Chicken in a KFC restaurant. With each bite, his satisfaction grew evident. Colonel Sanders even joined the fun by mimicking Arjun’s famous Pushpa pose.


Arjun appeared in an advertisement for Rapido’s 2021 campaign, ‘Smart Ho, Toh Rapido.’ In the ad, he portrayed the character of a barber named ‘Guru’, who advised daily commuters to opt for a smarter mode of transportation like Rapido instead of facing the hassles of travelling via buses.

Colgate MaxFresh

Arjun was featured in a TV advertisement for Colgate MaxFresh, a toothpaste brand by Colgate-Palmolive. The ad aimed to showcase the product’s key attribute, which is its energising freshness.
The commercial is set against the backdrop of a wedding that blends traditions from Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. Arjun, the central character in the ad, wakes up to the sight of the vibrant wedding celebration near his home.

As the ad progresses, it becomes evident that, after brushing with Colgate MaxFresh, Arjun experiences a burst of invigorating freshness.

He then radiates this newfound energy onto the wedding festivities, infusing the occasion with zest and joy. The advertisement portrays how the energising freshness of Colgate MaxFresh can transform any moment into a lively and remarkable experience.

Apart from these, he has also endorsed brands such as Hero MotoCorp, Astral Pipes, Disney + Hotstar, OLX, 7Up, Joyalukkas, Lot Mobiles and more.

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