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All You Need To Know About Vipin Sahu, The Paraglider Who Has Landed In Meme World

| Published on September 1, 2019

Netizens were recently left into splits when a video of a man paragliding surfaced on the internet.“Land Kara De” video which has been now going viral for over a week and has managed to trigger the attention of meme makers shows a man paragliding with an instructor. The video hilariously captures the epic reaction of the man as he experiences the high of paragliding and is seen blurting expletives and bribing the instructor for an early landing

Vipin Sahu, the man in the video is a tile showroom owner from Banda, Uttar Pradesh who rose to fame after his younger brother posted his video on Youtube without his knowledge. The video soon went viral was shared in high numbers making him an overnight internet sensation.

Sahu was apparently on an 11 day trip to Manali with his friend where the video was shot. He has a crippling fear of heights and took on this stunt after being challenged by his friends which he clearly regretted each and every second of it as shown in video.

Sahu in an interview shared that it was his first time paragliding and that his excitement level is on peak. “I feel good after reading peoples messages that they are having a good laugh,” he said.

He currently enjoys a 10.8K following on his Instagram and his recent upload of the paragliding experience has garnered over 24K likes and 8k comments.

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Don’t Try to disturb Nature…….. #paragliding😍 #manali #kullu #riderkifati

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While the video shows Sahu pleading with his instructor to land him, the latter on the other hand keeps begging him to keep his legs straight. 

Despite the experience Sahu is undeterred and shared that his next big thing is skydiving.

“After paragliding I thought, I will do sky diving next”, he said.

Here are some of the funniest “Land Kara De” memes floating on Twitter

Vipin shared his next big desire that after paragliding, now he wants to do skydiving!

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