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All You Need To Know About The ‘Ok Boomer’ Trend On Social Media

| Published on November 18, 2019


So if you’ve been following the Meme trends lately, you surely must have come across the term Ok, Boomer! And if you are thinking where did it all start, we’re here to help you. It took us some digging to figure out what caused its outbreak and how it has created a divide between the generations

It all started with a TikTok video where a reaction of @Linzrinzz to an unidentified man went viral. The Man who is speaking about how Millennials and Gen Z kids have Peter Pan syndrome. Further Criticizing, he says they don’t want to grow up. It was not what he said that went viral but the reaction that came from @Linzrinzz

See the video here:

What does it mean?

“OK boomer” has originated from the famous generational term “baby boomer”. Baby Boomer has been a general term used to classify people who were born between the mid ‘40s and ‘60s. Now since the outbreak, the term is being used in a general sense for anyone who is older.

According to Dictionary.com, “While many baby boomers were connected to youth counterculture in the 1960–70s, they have since become blamed in the 2010s by people in younger generations for many societal woes, from the high cost of college tuition to the failure to address climate change.”

The spread

The term got amplified when the TikTok fans started using this term extensively to portray how the Boomers are different and not willing to adapt to the current generation.

News Channels & Op-eds:

It’s huge when the news channels started using this in their headlines and it happened sooner than ever. Newshouses started posting opinions about the Term (which were mostly written by boomers) and youth started criticizing them for behaving exactly what the term ‘Boomer’ is supposed to mean.

ok boomer


Things went through the roof when a Parliament member in New Zealand assembly used the term to shut up a heckler

India reacts

We cannot stop helping to add this section as Indians are the first adapters of Meme formats and Meme trends on Twitter.

Here are a few:


How brands are catching up with the trend

On TikTok, the meme was extensively used to condemn people with archaic & vintage views on issues such as Homosexuality, climate-change, etc. These memes used the song aptly titled “Ok boomer,” which was written by a college student Jonathan Williams and remixed by 19-year-old Peter Kuli.

1. Netflix


2. Natural Light

3. Vice

So if you come across a brand using Ok, Boomer in the near future, don’t forget to tag us. We are always hunting for brands to follow Meme trends.

P.S. This article was not written by a Boomer

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