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All You Need To Know About Harjas Sethi – The ‘Work From Home’ Viral Girl

| Published on February 26, 2021

Instagram has always been an outlet for people to create engaging content. Since last year, the number of reals and IGTV videos has increased, providing a source of contentment to all users. As more and more individuals started resorting to work-from-home, it definitely increased their anxiety levels as some companies tried to impose more work than usual.

Who is Harjas Sethi and why is she trending? In a video shared on her page, Sethi rants about the work from home atmosphere and how brands are asking their employees how they feel about coming back to the office, now that the pandemic has more or less subsided. Harsaj is based in Gurgugram and tried to make relatable content for her viewers, to add a bit of humor to our mundane lives.

Titled ‘Mere dil ka dard’, we’re sure this video will bring forward your real emotions about work as well.


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A post shared by Harjas Sethi (@vellijanani)

What was rather a simplistic thought has now become viral in no time!

It is true that we have started living a rather comfortable work-life, mostly starting out our day late in our pajamas.  However, some companies are reinforcing coming to the office once again which is prompting the anguish in many employees. Back to work, commuting to and fro for hours, sitting upright in the office, and conversing with people. So many problems can be averted if one just stays at home and minds his or her own business.

So far, the video has attracted more than 1 lakh views in such a short span.

What do you think of Harjas’ rant and do you relate to her as well?

Source: Instagram

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