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All About Roohi’s Marketing Strategy To Drive Theatre Footfalls

| Published on March 14, 2021

In these harrowing times with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is still a big question whether people will take the risk of going to multiplexes to watch movies. However, Roohi’s hands-on marketing strategy is leaving no stone unturned to encourage people to go enjoy the full multiplex experience. Roohi’s intensive marketing approach that has strategically showcased the elements of thrill and spoon might just drive theatre footfalls! Roohi will be the first movie to hit the theatres after the Indian Government has permitted 100% occupancy of cinema halls. The star-studded cast of the movie, with Janhvi Kapoor playing the protagonist Roohi alongside Varun Sharma and Rajkumar Rao can probably encourage people to step out of the comfort of their homes to get the full multiplex experience.

Attention-Grabbing Teasers

Although the ongoing pandemic has gotten people accustomed to watching movies on digital platforms, the well-planned marketing tactics adopted for promoting Roohi can change people’s minds. The first of their marketing tactics comprised of well-timed teasers to get the audience’s attention. The teaser about ‘Mard Ko Zyada Dard Hoga’ has the potential to catch the attention of a large percentage of the audiences. Themes such as ‘Bhootiya Wedding’ and the magical element of cinema have been well portrayed by Roohi’s teaser. This teaser was the first phase of their marketing strategy.

The Official Trailer And Much More

After the well-timed attention-grabbing teaser, the official trailer of Roohi was released. The trailer successfully managed not to reveal too much of the movie’s plot. But it definitely got people interested by dropping glimpses and hints about the spooky love triangle which is the central plot of the movie.

After this interesting trailer, to further get people involved and interested in watching the movie, a fresh dose of Bollywood music was released. Roohi’s songs have been composed by Sachin-Jigar with Sony Music India as the label. The music got people even more excited about the music because of the several dance challenges that urged people to listen to songs of the music and recreate the hook-steps of the songs.

Fun Recreations of Dialogues

Apart from the popular dance challenges such as the #PanghatChallenge and the #NadiyoPar to get people excited about the movie, fun challenges to recreate the iconic dialogues in the movie was the next step in the marketing strategy. This challenge encouraged people to complete famous dialogues from the movie and make their own ‘Shayari’.

Other challenges

Apart from song and dialogue challenges, another part of the movie promotion strategy engaged the audience through the #PalatChallenge popularized via Instagram reels to get people excited about the horror-comedy element of the movie. This challenge focused on a particular scene from the movie. Not only that, but the marketing team of Roohi also went the extra mile and released Roohi filters on Instagram.

Other strategies

Apart from filters, challenges, trailers, songs and teasers, the marketing team used other strategies as well to capture the interest of the audience.

  • Several collaborations with YouTubers, content creators, and influencers on different platforms to promote the movie through recreating the challenges and using Roohi filters. 
  • Another social media marketing strategy used by the marketing team involved several countdown posts, CTAs, and other relatable posts relevant to the movie.
  • A post captioned #WeekendVibes also generated a lot of public interest. 
  • The marketing team made sure to release a lot of memes relevant to Roohi taking into account the popularity of memes in the present day and age.
  • Promoting movie theatres like INOX and PVR was also a major part of the marketing strategy adopted to generate maximum public interest in the movie.

Keeping in mind how used-to people have become to enjoy digital content from the comfort of one’s home, the marketing team has gone all out with the promotion of Roohi to create enough buzz so that people might actually want to go watch the movie in movie theatres to get the full multiplex experience. 

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