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Airlines Makes Its Passenger Travel On A Seat Covered In Dried Vomit

| Published on June 8, 2019

Ever travelled in a space covered with vomit? Well, as ghastly as this question may sound, recently a passenger travelling from London to Seattle by British Airways experienced the horror. 

Dave Gildea, vice president of a software company in San Francisco was booked on the flight to Seattle where he reportedly upgraded to business class at Heathrow Airport and was designated a seat covered in dried vomit.

The 38-year-old man said when he pulled down his seat’s footstall, he discovered it was covered in dried sick from a previous flight and that the walls behind his seat as well as the floor were equally dirty.

But shockingly when Gildea altered the staff about the situation, neither was he only denied an alternate seat for travel but also an apology. 

The flight attendant at his request provided him with a blanket to cover the dried vomit so he could put his feet up and sleep. 

After reaching his destination, he wrote to the airline via Twitter to lodge a complaint. As the complaint didn’t elicit any response, he shared the photo on Twitter to draw the company’s attention.

“Of course as I slept, I moved around on the blanket so I woke up with dried vomit on my feet. It was pretty disgusting. With the price I paid for the ticket, I was shocked,” he added.

The tweet instantly led to an outrage from the fellow Twitterati.

However, later British Airways issued an apology to him and said they are investigating the matter. “We pride ourselves on delivering a high standard of service and an enjoyable experience on board our flights, and we are sorry that on this occasion this fell short of our customers’ expectations,” British Airways said.


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