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Airline Introduces ‘Standing Seats’ For Low Budget Passengers, Twitterati Mock The Idea

| Published on June 23, 2019

If only travelling was not exhausting enough, the airlines may now soon introduce the ultra basic economy class on planes which will have the “saddle seats” or the standing seats. 

At the latest Aircraft Interior Expo held in Hamburg, Germany recently, Aviointeriors introduced a newer version of SkyRider 3.0 which are actually new ‘standing seats’ on the airlines. The Ultra-Basic Economy ticket will give you seats on which you can almost stand during your journey.

In an interview to CNN Travel, Gaetano Perugini, the engineering advisor at Aviointeriors said, ‘The message is, we do not want to put thousands of people in the cabin, we want to offer a multi-class configuration, which is nowadays impossible if you want to reach the maximum load of passengers. So that means that in the same cabin, you will have a standard economy, premium economy or business class and ultra-basic economy – which is an innovation for the airline and the passenger. This is the true reason for the SkyRider.’

The company also compared seating on the SkyRider as comfortable as horse riding for hours and it’s only exhausting if you believe us. 

When Twitter came across this idea, it was not so happy.

So anyone up for this ride?

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