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Air India Flight Delayed By 3 Hours After Pilot Gets Stuck In Traffic

| Published on October 18, 2019

Not air traffic but road traffic recently led to the delay of a flight by 3 hours! 

Passengers traveling on Air India flight from New Delhi to Bengaluru on Wednesday had to wait for over three hours to board the plane. The flight which was scheduled to take off at 1:30 pm finally took off at 4:20 as the co-pilot got stuck in the Delhi traffic and couldn’t make it to the airport on time. 

Sukumar Parida, a passenger, said: “Initially, they announce a delay of 30 minutes citing maintenance issues. The departure time was then pushed to 3 pm, which is when passengers raised an issue with the supervisor who then reluctantly informed us it wasn’t due to a maintenance issue unavailability of the co-pilot. The Air India staff at the boarding gate said ‘the co-pilot is not available’.”

A few passengers also took to Twitter to share the incident:

During their wait, the passengers were not provided with any timely updates, refreshments or compensation and landed in Bengaluru at 7:00 pm.

Air India has not commented on the issue yet. 

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