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AI Interns Aiko And Aiden Hired By A Company To Work Along With Humans

| Published on February 1, 2023

So You all know what AI is right? For a reminder let us tell you again, AI means artificial intelligence which is nothing but the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. It is a set of technologies that enable computers to perform a variety of advanced functions with the help of a plethora of human databases.

In simpler words, AI is a technology that is capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence and capabilities.

Although AI technology has been here for quite some time now, this super smart technology is taking and advanced shape with each passing day. The latest news in the AI field is that two AI interns, named Aiko and Aiden have been hired by a company called Codeword. These two AI interns will be joining a team of 106 people at Codeword and will also be assigned reporting managers under whom they will work.

Codeword is a UD-based marketing agency and it has surprised everyone by hiring two AIs as interns. What is more interesting is that if these AI ‘interns’ perform well in their internship period, they will get a full-time role in the marketing agency.

Many other agencies are welcoming interns this time of the year but Codeword is different as like other agencies, their interns aren’t humans. As interesting as it sounds, Codeword’s first AI interns are also the first AI interns in the agency world.

While Aiko will be a part of the design team, which will be reporting to Senior Art Director Emilio Ramos; Aiden will be a part of the editorial team and will be reporting to Senior Editor Terrence Doyle.

In the design team, Aiko will be taking on the kinds of design tasks that are appropriate for interns, like editing photos, drafting concept sketches/mood board imagery, and icon design. Eilio, according to Codeword, is a deeply skeptical, ethically minded, and technically skilled Art Director and is the perfect manager for their first non-human designer.

On the other hand, Aiden in the editorial team will be doing voice-and-tone studies, news analysis, and writing some first drafts of internal content. Aiden’s reporting manager, Terrence Doyle is also a very principled and skilled senior editor which makes him a perfect choice to make Aiden work under him.

Aiko and Aiden will also be creating slides for their ‘all-hands meetings and might even update the company’s blog’.

Kyle Monson, a partner at the company, said that there is a lot of fear and hype around how new AI tools ‘will integrate with creative teams’.

Aiden and Aiko will not be expected to produce work that can be directly presented to clients and their work will be scrutinized by experts before its finally presented to clients. These two interns will be rather tasked with things that AI is actually capable of, like ‘generating large volumes of rough concept thumbnails for mood boards, news and trend research, or voice and tone analysis for their editorial team’.

Company’s senior editor, Terrence Doyle said,  “We see a ton of potential here to produce great work faster, and move some of the more banal tasks off human plates so our people can better focus on actual high-value work for our clients.”

‘Mind-numbing and time-consuming tasks’ be passed on to ‘emotionless interns who can’t get bored’ so that the others can focus on better tasks’ he added.

Sounds like a plan! We will wait for these two intelligent interns to complete their internship with excellent performance and get hired as permanent employees in the company.

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