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3 minutes read

Ahmedabad Boy Selling ‘Dahi Kachori’ Receives Support From People After Video Goes Viral

| Published on September 27, 2021

The power of social media has been proven time and again. There have been instances where people from not so humble backgrounds have gained success overnight thanks to a single picture or a video that went viral.

Priyanka Varrier’s wink, Ranu Mandal’s singing, and ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ are some of the many examples that garnered a lot of attention. These names became popular so much that many of them were even scouted by the Indian Film industry and have featured in big banner projects.

Many may not agree with this instant success that social media brings as it gives momentary fame that fades way too quickly. Some of these people have later seen not being able to manage the newfound success and have eventually taken a downfall.

But it is also true that social media is responsible for helping people with real talent and giving them a platform they badly need.

Recently, a 14-year-old boy in Ahmedabad selling ‘dahi kachori’ has gone viral. A Twitter user shared a video showing the young kid making a living to help his family at such a young age.

The video received a lot of positive responses in no time. Vishal had shared his exact location so that people could come in to help him earn more.

People did come in huge numbers to share their support for the young kid’s effort on social media. The comment section was full of praises and applause for the kid.

Not just on social media, people reached the place mentioned in the tweet to show the support he so much deserves. The number of people that were there was just overwhelming and even the media was there to cover his story.

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