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2 minutes read

Ahemdabad Resident Covers Car In Cow Dung To Keep It Cool In Summers

| Published on May 26, 2019

With summers at it’s peak and modern day problems at hand one surely needs to be an explorer and smart to tackle them. 

Air conditioners and occasional spas sound nice but have you a giving your ride a thought lately cow dung seemed liked the perfect option to a Ahemdabad resident who covered her ride with it to keep it cool in the scorching heat. 

Sejal Shah shared that she tried this in her house first by covering the floor with cow dung and found positive results which then prompted her to take it a step forward and do it with her car too. 

The news instantly went viral on the Internet. With nothing of the sort heard or seen before people shared their reactions all over social media. 

Here are some of the reactions:

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