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At the Age Of 14, This Boy Has Already Started A Bank

| Published on December 31, 2018

In a world where teenagers are doing and achieving more work for the betterment of our society, one needs to hear them out. From climate change to social media, these kids can be found any and everywhere, doing what’s best for them in that sphere of society and making a change. Here I present you the coolest 14-year old I came across (on the web, I haven’t met him in reality)

This is Jose Adolfo Quisocala Condori, the coolest 14-year-old. He’s a 14 year Peruvian and he started a bank. Yes, you heard me right, a bank. First of all, I mean look at him. Dressed like a hotshot banker in that regal wooden chair looking all bossy.

Jose was 7 when he started a Children’s savings bank. His bank serves more than 2,000 customers now and offers a variety of financial services. His old idea according to Jose was that when he was 7 and the Mayor of his school, he found that a lot of his peers spent a large amount of money on figurines that would fill up albums, which at the end would be found on the floor contaminating the classrooms. He was concerned about the other kids who did not have supplies and other needs for education. When he spoke to his teachers about it, he knew something could be done. So he started his bank.

How does it all work?

It’s a simple operation that the Bartselana Student Bank works on. As savings, the bank collects solid waste from its customers which are then sold off to a wastebasket where they make toilet paper out of it.
The collected money is put into the child’s account and can only be accessed when the savings goal is reached. And the withdrawal of this cash can only be made by the client and not their parents. It is as simple as that.

In all honesty, this is a nice and green initiative that a 14-year-old took 7 years back. So if a 7-year-old can come up with such an idea and then execute it as well, then you probably can finish your next target at hand too.

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