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After Working At Taj Group, Chef Sells His Famous 5-Star Biryani On The Streets

| Published on November 29, 2020

Don’t you have a dream to test the high waters and meet people of all kinds? We all want to expand our horizons and improve our skills as we visit places, add on to our experience and create the ideal foundation for ourselves. This is the story of a man who got an opportunity to work at the Taj Group of Hotels, travel the world, and ultimately serve his food locally to increase his income. You might be wondering how a Taj employee could go back to living life normally? Read further to know how.

Akshay Parkar, the ex-Taj chef opened his small food joint, Parker Biryani on a small plot in Dadar, Mumbai as he came home before the coronavirus pandemic. His savings from Taj weren’t enough to let him live a peaceful life. Due to his parents’ ailing health conditions, money always went behind their treatment leaving little to no treatment.

His Journey At Taj

Akshay’s dad owned flour mills which closed down and he suffered from tuberculosis. Understand his family’s financial condition, he decided to work extremely hard. He is the sole breadwinner of the house and by 2013, grabbed the opportunity to explore Taj through international cruises.

taj hotel chef sells biryani

Soon his culinary journey began and he earned $1000 per month. This was however not entirely saved since his parents couldn’t qualify for medical treatment and the cost of their treatments was indeed expensive. The worst scenario came when at the beginning of the COVID-19, he realised he just had Rs. 20,000 left as savings and it was becoming increasingly difficult to cope up with daily expenses.

Hitting The Streets

At this point, Akshay decided to utilise his skills and start local – something that began trending since early April. He invested Rs. 10,000 in September and started selling Biryani by the kg. Chicken and mutton biryanis are valuable options, sold at Rs. 800 a kg and Rs. 1200 a kg respectively. Now, he sells around 5kgs a day with weekends being really busy.

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Since he has the skill and experience of working at a 5-star hotel, the flavours are indeed amazing which makes his Biryani famous in the area, and people are willing to pay the price he demands. Besides making biryani, he also makes butter chicken and other delectable North Indian dishes. Now, Akshay does not plan on going back!

If you’re in the vicinity, do try Akshay’s biryani and spread the word of local, healthy biryani!

Source: The Better India

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