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After Pilot Faces Issues, A Passenger Flies Indigo Aircraft In Delhi Fog.

| Published on December 3, 2019

Recently, a very bizarre incidence happened with one of the Indigo flights. The Indigo flight, flying from Pune to Delhi was got stuck due to the low visibility conditions caused by the thick haze at Delhi Airport on Saturday.

When the Indigo pilot refused to fly the aircraft due to the heavy fog, a passenger came forward and flew the aircraft safely to its destination. It was reported that the passenger who was requested by the airline to assist in the landing was an experienced pilot himself.

The pilot who was assigned for the aircraft was inexperienced in flying at such weather conditions.

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As per the sources, the Indigo flight no. 6E 6571 was scheduled to depart from Pune to Delhi on Saturday. On that day, Delhi experienced heavy smog and the airlines received the information as well. The airline was then informed that the visibility at the Delhi airspace was very low and only the pilots with the training of CAT III-B should be assigned for the flight.

The passenger who helped in the landing is a pilot who was heading home to Delhi after completing his duty. Thankfully, he also has CAT III-B training and the experience to fly the aircraft during heavy fog. To save the passengers from any inconvenience and for their safety, the airline’s administration requested the passenger to fly the aircraft.

There has been no official comment by the Indigi airline’s official on the matter.

It was also reported that the passenger was not sent to the cockpit directly but had to go through all the necessary tests to ensure that he was fit to fly. He was given a breath analyzer test along with other tests that a pilot has to give before flying any aircraft. Apart from this, all the other internal approvals were also taken before assigning the passenger as the pilot of the aircraft.

However, the pilot flew the aircraft without his uniform for which DGCA can fine the airline.


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