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After Maruti, Now Renault Will Stop Selling Diesel Cars. See Why

| Published on June 21, 2019

Renault SA, the French car maker has decided to follow in Maruti Suzuki’s footsteps as it announces its decision of calling it quits on diesel in India considering the soon to be introduced new emission norms, Bharat Stage VI in the country. 

Bharat Stage VI (BS VI) which will be introduced in April next year is touted to be the most advanced emission standard for automobiles, equivalent to Euro-VI norms. It means automobile manufacturers have to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by 68 percent, and particulate matter emissions by five times compared to the existing BS-IV standards.

When asked whether Renault will stop selling diesel cars from April 2020, Thierry Bolloré, the global CEO of French carmaker Renault SA, said, “I believe so”. Bolloré, was in New Delhi to launch the company’s latest offering, a compact multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), Triber, which will come in just the petrol variant. 

At present, diesel vehicles comprise almost 36 percent of the total vehicles sold in India. Renault’s diesel cars in India include the popular Renault Duster, Captur and Lodgy.

“Diesel is naturally decreasing in terms of the proportion of sale globally,” Bolloré added. “The Triber has no diesel variant. Today, there is a clear regulatory approach saying that diesel is not welcome. Internal combustion engines will not be welcome in the future in Europe as well. All regulations are designed to push the car industry towards electric vehicles, or very refined powertrains or hydrogen. Clean mobility is the trend. Let’s see what is going to happen in India on that field.” 

The move towards BS VI engines in 2020, along with stringent rules to improve the safety of cars, is likely to make vehicles more expensive. This year, automakers have to ensure that the cars meet specific safety standards including airbags and ABS (anti-lock braking systems). 

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