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After Boycott On Twitter, Baba Ramdev Critises HUL Over Kumbh Mela Ad

| Published on March 9, 2019

Yesterday we wrote about Hindustan Unilever’s new ad campaign for Kumbh Mela that received backlash on Twitter after showing that Indians who get abandoned from homes reach Kumbh. This lead to the boycott of HUL products and #BoycottHindustanUnilever started trending on Twitter.

People were sharing lists of brands owned by HUL that they’d boycott. For those who don’t know, HUL is a global multinational FMCG company having a range of famous brands products like Vaseline, Fair and Lovely, Ponds, Dove, Knorr soups, Vim bars, Lifebuoy soaps, Pears, Axe, and Rin and Wheel detergents.

Well, we all know the Patanjali is one of biggest rival of HUl in the market right and its Baba Ramdev tried making the best of this opportunity by writing against the multinational FMCG brand.

“From East India Co to HUL that’s their true character. Their only agenda is to make the country poor economically & ideologically. Why shld we not boycott them? For them everything, every emotion is just a commodity. For us parents are next to Gods,” he said.

This isn’t the first incident when Indians have come together to boycott a brand over a controversy. Earlier, Indians boycotted Airtel after the mobile network company launched a film on Diwali asking people to not bursts crackers because they cause noise pollution.

Brands need to be very careful while making their festival ads as it can badly go against the image of company and people in India tend to get emotional and boycott the brand if they found it going against their sentiments.

What are your views over this? Do let us know in the comment section.

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