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After Baba Ka Dhaba, Kanji Bade Wala Goes Viral With ‘Power of Social Media’

| Published on October 10, 2020

Social Media has become a great medium for brands to interact with their audience. But in the past few days, social media is filled up with toxic content and online users were feeling the heat before Baba Ka Dhaba from Delhi went viral all across India with people showing their support to the needy ones. This gives a ray of hope that like any other technology, the Internet if used well can do wonders for our lives.

The craze for Baba Ka Dhaba is so much that even brands came to support them and Zomato even announced by listing the place on the platform so that people can easily order online. This made people more about helping the street stalls and many have been trying to replicate the noble cause.


Now, there’s an appeal for another such place called Kanji Bade Wala in Agra which is run by a 90-year-old. Even if this is happening just for the sake of following an online trend, this makes us think about visiting supporting local vendors more than ever. Not just food stalls, this can be followed for vegetable vendors, fruit sellers, diya makers to any other small businesses around us.


How are you contributing to the support of local vendors in your area? Share your suggestions in the comment section.

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