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After Baba Ka Dhaba, 70-Year-Old Tea-Seller With Broken Arm Moves Netizens

| Published on October 27, 2020

There are several small vendors around India who are popular only around their colonies, but the world hasn’t heard about them. After the success of Baba ka Dhaba, another gentleman in Dwarka Sector 13 became famous overnight. This gentleman works with a broken arm and fractured back, but still manages to make tea for his customers daily to make ends meet.

Baba Ka Dhaba

His story is a sad one where his son beat him and his wife up one night and threw them out of the house to struggle on their own. Since he did not have money for his own treatment, he couldn’t do much. But thankfully, their daughter helped the couple stand back on their feet through the small tea stall. Since this story became live, several Instagram handles are picking this up in an effort to raise awareness around the same. Their story was first shared by @foodyvishal on Instagram.

A number of users have come out to show their support including Bollywood A-Listers. This has helped this couple gain recognition within a short span of time, which has helped them gain more customers and now collect enough money to improve their standard of living. The coronavirus pandemic left them yearning to make ends meet but they have finally found a way, thanks to many foodies sharing their story on Instagram.

If you reside in Delhi, you can go over to their tea stall as they can be found in Dwarka Section 1, Pocket 1, Dwarka Sector 13.

Source: NDTV Food

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