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These Ads Show How Brands Can Do Anything To Troll Their Competitors

| Published on December 13, 2018

Brand wars are not a new concept in marketing. We get to see companies trolling their competitors with ads targeting the competitors often. In the race of showing themselves as superior, there are examples when popular brands have raised the bar creativity while creating their advertising outputs.

For the audience, it becomes a delight to watch their favorite brands fighting for the attention of customers.  It’s very precise to term “Marketing Mind” for this kind of Brand Wars. Have a look:

1. Flipkart Vs Snapdeal Vs Paisa Bazaar

Brand War Snapdeal

2. Kingfisher’s Change Vs Jet Airways’s Change

Brand War Change And Changes

3. Mc Donald’s Vs Burger King

Brand War Burger King

4. Audi Vs BMW

Brand War BMW

5. The Hindu Vs Times Of INDIA

Brand War Times

6. Samsung Vs Apple

Brand War Samsung

7. FedEx Always Ahead!

Brand War Fedex

8. Durex Vs All

Brand War Durex

9. Availability Matters A Lot!!

Brand War Coca

10. AXE Vs Old Spice

Brand War AXE

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Let us know which one among the above did you like the most.


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