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2 minutes read

Ad Featuring Amitabh Bachchan Becomes Content For New Desi Memes

| Published on May 6, 2019

Social Media and Memes come as a combined package and as for meme-makers well they are just the creation to be enjoyed

Making things interesting and hilarious meme-makers are the best gift to us all. As recent as now, the desi Twitterati joined their forces to turn a commercial featuring veteran Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan into a meme.

The commercial for Dr. Fixit, a waterproofing solution used for construction purposes to avoid leakages and dampness, showed Bachchan with a giant tortoise with a human head. The commercial part of the company’s new campaign ‘No-Shortcut’, shows animals like frogs, octopus, and tortoise with human heads jumping and hiding to avoid leakage.

While the advertisement was designed by the company as a funny representation nobody knew it would become the topic for memes with Twitterati obsessing over it.

Here are some of the epic memes and reactions flowing on Twitter.

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