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ACKO General Insurance’s New ‘Zero Commission’ Ad Campaign Is All About Nostalgia

| Published on September 17, 2020

Video ad campaigns by brands have become much more fun and exciting over the years. Many leading industries from food to automobiles have started a more relatable approach across brands to make a connection with the customers. While many have succeeded to create the buzz, some sectors have been unable to do so.

Insurance companies can be said are one of those whose ad campaigns have been informative but have always lacked creativity. This has left the companies unable to tap the pool of opportunity at times. But it may seem that one of the leading names in the insurance sector has taken it upon themselves to make the mark.

ACKO General Insurance company has made a substantial name in the market even though it is fairly new. Founded in 2016, ACKO has become a prominent name when it comes to customer service and customer satisfaction. It is undoubtedly the fastest growing insurance company in the country at the moment.

ACKO has sworn upon making the process of getting insurance as effortless as possible. It has even reduced the trail of paperwork that goes into the process by taking everything online. Talk about being eco-friendly!

The brand is all about ‘now’ and has the freshness that the insurance industry was lacking. To top it all, ACKO has recently released a video ad campaign that is all about fun and nostalgia. This video is basically a shout out to all the 80s and 90s kids. Take a look and you’ll know what we mean.

The video, captioned as ‘Car Insurance Ke Tedhe Game‘, gives us all a walk down the memory lane when Takeshi’s Castle was one of the best shows in our childhood. The one thing that did the trick was Javed Jaffrey as the narrator.

It also shows how with other ‘affordable insurance’ schemes, customers end up paying a hefty commission in the end. But with ACKO General Insurance, you end up saving more with their ‘Zero Commission’ policy.

Car Insurance Ke Tedhe Games | Commission Ka Attack | Acko

Affordable car insurances with zero commission! Acko aces delivering their USP with this funky ad which beautifully brings back all our memories of watching Takeshi's Castle. Acko Insurance

Posted by Marketing Mind on Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Talking about the campaign, Ashish Mishra, EVP Marketing, ACKO General Insurance said,

“Although we are in a serious business, that does not mean that our adverting has to be serious. We believe that fundamentally all ads should be entertaining.

With this marketing campaign, we really wanted to highlight how ACKO Car Insurance can be beneficial to customers in a fun and entertaining manner. We know that buying car insurance can often be expensive, complicated and time consuming for most consumers. They also end up paying the same amount despite differences in their car usage. ACKO Car and Bike Insurance products are designed to overcome these challenges, using advanced technology and consumer data to arrive at the best pricing unique to each consumer. ACKO sells direct to consumers, which has removed commissions and hidden charges, making ACKO’s insurance cheaper than other policies in most cases.

We are very excited to launch this new campaign informing the consumers about these benefits. This is our first ad and we have two more to follow. And they should also be equally fun to watch.
Our agency partners, LBO and Wavemaker, have helped us in developing a clutter-breaking creative campaign plus a robust media strategy that will help drive awareness”.

With this creative ad, the brand has not only garnered the attention of the people but has also educated them about the benefits of having a trusted company by their side. ACKO General Insurance has become the epitome of customer satisfaction and with the frequent upgrades in its products and services, it is soon to become the no.1 name in the insurance sector.

What are your views about this campaign, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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