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Acko Encourages To Pay Household Staff Using Money Saved With Parked Cars

| Published on May 21, 2020

Coronavirus has certainly changed our lives dramatically. While most companies have offered Work From Home, there is a large section of society such as daily wage earners who have no option instead of sitting idle and waiting for the lockdown to end and start earning again. The situation is so critical that there are millions who are facing difficulties even to fulfill daily needs.

Knowing this, it becomes the responsibility of the privileged section of the society to pay their household staff like drivers, maids so that they can at least provide food to their family members. To raise awareness around the same, India’s leading general insurance company, Acko General Insurance, has launched the digital campaign- #ParkedCarsCanRunFamilies

About the campaign

With this campaign, Acko is guiding the public to use the saved money from parked cars in the right way. As a part of this campaign, a video featuring popular names like Saurabh Sukhla, Manjot Singh and Ali Faizal, showcased as neighbours and tenants. The characters in the video can be seen talking about the sad situation of not being able to use their cars due to lockdown.

The best part comes when the landlord talks about sending the full salary to his driver as he thinks that this can be easily done from the money saved by not running his car during the lockdown period.

Parked Cars Can Run Families | Issued In Public Interest By Acko

As our cars are parked in our garage and not being used, we can save a family during this epidemic. To know more, watch this video.

#ParkedCarsCanRunFamilies Acko General Insurance

Posted by Marketing Mind on Monday, 11 May 2020

All in all, the campaign has used humor to convey a deep message. The campaign urges people to support others from the money saved due to lockdown. This is a simple yet impactful way to encourage people in making the right move and helping the families of maids, drivers, cooks so that they can run their houses smoothly.

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