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Accenture Helps People Who Got Unemployed Due To COVID-19

| Published on April 19, 2020

In awake of the staggering unemployment caused by the COVID19 pandemic, a group of leading companies from various industries has formed People+Work Connect. The program is an employer-to-employer initiative that brings together companies laying off or furloughing people with those companies in urgent need of workers.

Designed by Chief Human Resource Officers from Accenture, Lincoln Financial Group, ServiceNow and Verizon, People + Work Connect‘s service is free of cost. There is no cost for employers to join and participate.

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Ellyn Shook, Accenture’s chief leadership and human resources officer has said,

By providing real-time visibility into which companies need people and where People+WorkConnect is designed to lessen the economic and societal impacts of the virus and help us work together to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.


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The business-to-business platform, that came up in 14 days from idea to launch, would enable companies that are best positioned to rapidly share the experience and skills of their laid-off or furloughed workforces to connect at no cost with other companies on the platform that are seeking workers.

The platform is global and cross-industry to maximize the ability to deploy people with similar skills in one industry into other industries where jobs are being created. Ultimately, this would shorten the complex, often lengthy cycle of unemployment for people, Accenture further said.

As numerous companies are handing out notices to their employees, the initiative has already attracted big names in the industry like Walmart, Marriott, Blue Apron, Cargill, Zenefits and more.

It is expected that at least 250 companies are expected to onboard starting next week.

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