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‘Ab Safety Hogi Zyada’ Campaign By Tata Motors Is Taking Road Safety To An All-New Level

| Published on June 28, 2023

When we talk about Tata Motors, words like trust and safety come first before anything else. The brand has established a very strong image in the commercial vehicle segment specifically with the most technologically advanced CVs.

Business owners and transport drivers in India have been making the most of the features that come loaded with the Tata Motors CV that not only makes operating the vehicles easy but also adds a style quotient to them.
The brand has been working rigorously to ensure that the end consumers are able to increase their productivity and revolutionize the CV segment of the Indian automobile industry altogether.

Tata Motors has launched a series of campaigns earlier that talks about how their trucks have been enhancing the productivity of the drivers with the help of the Tata Motors Fleet Edge app that helps in making the vehicle more fuel efficient.

The campaigns have been aimed at educating the drivers on how to make the most of the well-designed app that is only going to benefit them in the long run.
Apart from driver’s and business owner’s productivity, Tata Motors has designed their CVs keeping in mind the utmost safety on road.

Tata Motors | Lane Departure Warning System

The brand has launched some of the most relatable and quirky ads that show how easy it is to get distracted for us and how important it is to stay in our lane under its ‘Ab Safety HogiZyada’ campaign.

Being distracted may not have a huge impact on pedestrians but can surely be hazardous in the case of trucks.

‘Ab Safety Hogi Zyada’ Campaign By Tata Motors Is Taking Road Safety To An All-New Level

For this, Tata Motors has equipped its Tata Prima trucks with a ‘Lane Departure Warning System’. The system will sound an alert anytime the driver gets distracted and the truck changes lanes on road.

Tata Prima | Collision Mitigation System

Another feature that the brand has incorporated to maximize safety on road is the ‘Collision Mitigation System’. This system reduces the chance of accident as soon as it senses that another vehicle or object on road has come really close to the vehicle.

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