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Aakash Institute Took Credit For Manushi Chhillar’s Achievement and Twitter Didn’t Like It

| Published on November 23, 2017

India is a country where if someone wants to pursue anything other than engineering, MBBS or MBA is treated as a failure. The one main reason for this scenario is the competitive exams. Aakash is one of the most popular names which helps lakhs of students every year to prepare for the competitive exams which helps them getting admissions in the best colleges in the country.

Aakash Institute congratulated the new Miss World Manushi Chhillar for winning the title. Although it doesn’t explain how Aakash helped Manushi to win the title. Below is the image Aakash institute posted.


The image was soon deleted by Aakash and another new picture was posted on their official Facebook account that tried to convey the same message.


Twitter users were quick to react to this incident and they expressed their views in every possible way.

Hats off for the confidence

OMG! I can’t believe this

Never knew that Aakash Institute trains women for beauty Contests! 😀

To us, this was a not a good idea for Aakash institute to use the name of Manushi Chhillar to achieve attention as they didn’t help her in any way to achieve success in a beauty contest.

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