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#AadhiAadhiDiwali: This Ad From Schmitten Gives A New Meaning To Diwali Celebration

| Published on November 3, 2018

Diwali is that time of the year we spend time with our friends and family to spend the victory of good over evil. Also, it is seen as a great opportunity for brands to connect with their consumers, create engagement and create a strong brand recall. Brands know this and they release campaigns with emotional content and Schmitten has done this beautifully with its latest campaign #AadhiAadhiDiwali.

India is a country with so many issues and gender equality is one of the biggest problems. With this campaign, Schmitten Luxury Chocolates wants to raise the awareness of Indians towards treating the family members of females as a part of their family. Females leave everything behind just to make the family of her husband happy and it becomes the responsibility of the male’s family to give the same love in response. Schmitten not only aims to promote its product with this campaign but wants to make special occasions like Diwali more memorable.

Conceptualized by ADK-Fortune, the video starts with a couple preparing for Diwali celebration. The wife asks her husband if he got any call from her father. With father, she was talking about her parents. She becomes a little sad after not getting to talk to her parents at Diwali.

The twist comes when her mother-in-law tells them to go to her family after the Diwali puja. She also says that their son is also equally part of his wife’s family.


Iss Diwali, Yaadein Baantein

The strategic communication behind this campaign “Is Diwali Sirf Mithas Nahi Yaadein Baatein” is an attempt to make customers aware about Schmitten as a complete brand for gifting during festivals instead of Cadbury. Also, #AadhiAadhiDiwali and #EkRakhiAur campaigns are an extension of the same thought of creating memories rather than just giving a gift.

The ad also conveys that when we feel happy in sharing everything with our loved ones, why should Diwali be an exception? And with sharing, Schmitten wants us to share happiness to make memories. Thus, this ad also connects with its brand tagline “Moments Make Memories”. So, Iss Diwali, Mithaas Nahi Yaadein Baantein.

Getting curious to see the whole video? you can watch it below:

We love the concept of this ad and how it is delivering an important message of gender equality in the correct manner. Sharing such fresh ideas help to build a strong connection with the audience and Schmitten has always believed in creating wonderful moments that last a lifetime for the customers.


Client: Schmitten Chocolates

Jayesh Desai, Founder and Chairman of Rajhans (Desai-Jain) Group

Rishabh Verma, Marketing Head

Brand Team: Srishti Jain & Archit Goel

Agency: ADK-Fortune Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Production House: Full Circle

In Association with Schmitten

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